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Follow the ten dive ethics

Project Aware means so much to so many divers. It is a positive movement that has truly set the bar of protecting our ocean environment.

Project Aware has launched 'The 10 Tips For Divers To Protect The Ocean Planet' this week and they need you to sign the pledge and spread the word.

This week, Project Aware has launched yet another ingenious initiative to achieve the goal of ocean conservation across the globe.

No matter what your sport may be, we are all taught as youngsters to abide by a set of ethics. Now, Project Aware is giving fellow divers a modernized set of ocean ethics to follow on a daily basis as they dive, travel and just basically live the active ocean lifestyle that brings them total enjoyment. Even though you may think that one person cannot solely make a difference, think about multiplying that one by the number of divers in the world today, and with that result, we can move mountains and make a huge impact on the marine world and the ocean in which they inhabit.

You must always remember the ten tips for Divers to Protect The Ocean Planet:

  1. Be a buoyancy expert. By mastering buoyancy, you are less likely to come into direct contact with our most fragile parts of the reefs.
  2. Be a role model and show beginner divers how it is done so they may follow your lead.
  3. Take only photos - leave only bubbles. Remember to leave beauty where it belongs.
  4. Protect Underwater Life. Don't stress the fish. Understand that you are a stranger in their world and that is stressful enough.
  5. Become a Debris Activist and always do your best to buy green, buy local and buy less.
  6. Make responsible seafood choices. Overfishing is extremely damaging and leads to pollution of our underwater eco-systems.
  7. Take action. Do your part because even the smallest of actions will lead to positive change. Be an ocean advocate and speak up for ocean conservation.
  8. Be an eco-tourist. Be conscious about choosing dive destinations that continually practice ocean conservation and respect local cultures, laws and regulations.
  9. Try to shrink your carbon footprint.
  10. Give back. Whatever you do makes the diving experiences for all others even more awesome. Try to take part in fundraisers to bring about change so that we can have a healthier ocean planet.

There are just two more small requests that can get this initiative started on the right track:

  1. Sign the pledge to always follow these ten guidelines.
  2. Share with your dive buddies: I took the #10Tips4Divers Pledge

Take one dive at a time and save the ocean with your conservation measures. Spread the word.

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