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Folks concerned about transformation of the former WCOA-FM get official response

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An administrator for the former official Facebook page for the radio station formerly known as WCOA-FM (the station recently adopted a new set of call letters: WJTQ) used the page to post an official response to folks who responded to the station's switch to a new programming format on Friday, February 28th, shortly after it occurred.

(amendment note: the Mobile Radio Examiner article titled "WCOA-FM becomes WJTQ-FM; switches to new programming format" was amended to reflect the fact that the official World Wide Web site for WCOA-AM was transformed into the official site for WJTQ-FM. This also resulted in the removal of a sentence with an asterisk explaining how WJTQ-FM and WCOA-AM were connected to each other that had "FM" in place of "AM" by mistake. Their connection was due to their being members of the same company (Cumulus Media), by the way).

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