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Florida Gov. Rick Scott surrendered his rescue dog after gubernatorial campaign

Rescued Labrador retriever named Reagan after his photo was posted on Facebook asking people to help name him, was returned one month after moving into the Tallahassee mansion.
Rescued Labrador retriever named Reagan after his photo was posted on Facebook asking people to help name him, was returned one month after moving into the Tallahassee mansion.

A rescued yellow Labrador retriever mix was popularly named Reagan by Rick Scott Facebook fans as the now Florida governor campaigned in the 2010 close election against Democrat Alex Sink. Unfortunately, Reagan's photos disappeared shortly after Scott was sworn in on January 2011, reports the Tampa Bay Times.

So what happened to Reagan the rescue pooch? Introduced as the newest addition to the Scott family back then, all sorts of dog friendly and Rick Scott photos were plastered everywhere. Of course, animal advocates love that kind of compassion; statistics reveal that 39% of Americans have at least one dog in their homes.

Scott was even praised for rescuing a dog; not like the Democrat President Obama who purchased two Portuguese water dogs from a breeder.

But when a Tampa Bay Times investigator wanted information on Reagan the Labrador who was ceremoniously named after President Ronald Reagan, officials at the Tallahassee mansion weren't barking. Although the Governor's latest communication director, Melissa Sellers stated she was much too busy with government work to comment on Reagan, the investigation pushed forward.

On Monday, the answer trickled out with Governor Scott stating:

"He was a rescue dog, and he couldn't be around anybody that was carrying anything, and so he wouldn't get better."

Reagan never bit anyone, but was alleged to have scared people because he "barked like crazy." The Scotts returned the dog to All Pets Grooming and Boarding in Naples and are now trying to find out where and how Reagan is doing.

"If Scott is so wealthy, and I read that he spent $75 million of his own money on his 2010 campaign, I find it hard to believe he couldn't hire a dog trainer or behavioral expert to help Reagan with his issues," stated Leah Connors of Palm Beach County. "Dog lovers who have a lot less than our Governor have worked with their rescue dogs who could have suffered abusive and neglectful conditions before finding their way to great homes."

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign became overshadowed with an alleged animal abuse situation dating back to 1983 when he jammed his five children, wife and luggage into the family station wagon for a 12-hour drive to the family cottage at Beach O'Pines from Boston to Ontario. The family dog, an Irish Setter named Seamus was placed in a dog carrier and fastened to the station wagon's roof rack. All was not lost however, because Romney stated he made a windshield "to make the ride more comfortable for the dog." Poor Seamus suffered a severe case of diarrhea on that trip from the stress. After that story hit the media, animal advocates couldn't forget or forgive.

According to the Scotts, they have one seven-year-old rescue Labrador named Tallee now.

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