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Florida execution for man who kidnapped, raped, murdered 11-year-old girl

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Eddie Wayne Davis, now 45, was found guilty in 1995 of kidnapping, raping, and murdering young Kimberly Waters, the 11-year-old daughter of a woman that he dated for only a short while. On July 10, Davis was executed in Florida for his atrocities, which dated back to 1994.

MSN reported that Davis received his lethal injection at 6:43 p.m. on Thursday. In the last two years, Florida has executed 13 criminals. Davis was the Sunshine State’s sixth execution this year.

According to court documents from the Tenth Judicial Circuit, Polk County Case # 94-1248, on March 3, 1994, after Davis and Waters’ mom, Beverly Shultz, had broken up, Davis broke into his ex-girlfriend’s trailer in Polk County, Florida. Shultz’s daughter, Kimberly, was asleep at the time, but was awakened when Davis broke in.

Court papers state that Davis covered the girl’s mouth so she couldn’t scream, led her out of the bedroom and gagged the child’s mouth with a rag. Taking Kimberly with him, the two went to a nearby trailer park where Davis once lived.

While in Davis’ trailer, he attempted to insert his penis into her vagina, and when this failed, he inserted two fingers. Davis then took Kimberly to the nearby Moose Lodge, where he struck her several times and then placed a piece of plastic over her mouth.

The child struggled valiantly against Davis and managed to rip the plastic he was using to suffocate her; “… but Davis held it over her mouth and nose until she stopped moving.” Davis disposed of the 11-year-old’s body in a nearby trash can and then fled the scene. Waters’ bruised and lifeless body was discovered the next day; “…the area between the vagina and anus had been lacerated, and the cause of death was determined to be strangulation.”

After police caught up with him, Davis admitted to the sadistic murder on three separate occasions, according to Newsmax. During his trial, Davis’ attorney argued that although Davis was 25 years old when he murdered Kimberly, that “he was mentally still a juvenile.” Davis was sentenced to death on June 30, 1995, after a jury found him guilty on all counts which included “First-Degree Murder, Burglary with Assault, Kidnapping of a Child Under 13 and Sexual Battery of a Child Under 12.”

The Daily News reported that after a last meal of “chop steak, home fries and cherry ice cream - washed down with Dr Pepper,” that several of Kimberly’s relatives including her grandmother, were on hand to witness Davis’ execution. Kimberly’s mother died in a motorcycle accident in 2004.