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Florida city bans sale of commercially bred cats and dogs

Florida city bans the sale of commercially bred dogs
Florida city bans the sale of commercially bred dogs

Owners of commercial dog breeding operations, aka "puppy mills," can scratch the retailers in the city of Coconut Creek, Fla., off their list of clients, reported Sunday's publication of the Sun Sentinel.

An ordinance to ban the retail sale of commercially bred cats and dogs in Coconut Creek was approved last week. The intent of the new ordinance is to increase adoptions from animal shelters, keep the pet population down and reduce "impulse" purchases, from animals which may have been acquired from puppy mills, at pet stores.

David Walesky, operations manager for Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control stated:

It means some people are adopting rather than buying from one of the stores,

"When puppies bought on impulse lose their curb appeal, the shelter is where they end up anyway

Of little surprise, there are individuals who do not support the new law.

According to the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, most pets sold at retails stores are obtained from "legitimate breeders."

In a letter to Coconut Creek, Mike Bober, the organization's vice president stated his opposition to the ban of commercially bred pets, stating:

The approach the ordinance takes is unsupported by all available facts,

Coconut Creek joins several other southern Florida cities who have already banned the sale of commercially bred pets.

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