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Florida accountant sex slaves: Man arrested for human trafficking

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A Florida accountant is now being accused of keeping hookers as sex slaves in his home. On Thursday, Yahoo shared the news about this crazy case. This man in Gainesville is being accused of keeping three women as sex slaves. This man is being charged with human trafficking at this time.

Timothy Deegan, 53, was arrested on these charges. He actually is being held on a bond of $300,000 at this time so it is unknown if there is any chance of him getting out with that size of a bond. Reports are that he had been doing this for over a year before he got caught. The police were called to the house several times in this year as well.

The women were not allowed to leave and he even has sex with them then posted it online. They were obviously scared and didn't try to go anywhere at all. He will be pleading not guilty though. Timothy's lawyer is making it saying that the women were okay with everything that was going on which means that he did nothing wrong.

He had these women working for him and would let them out to do sex acts on people but he would take their money and keep track of them with a GPS tracking. If they somehow got too far away, he would call them up and threaten them. This tracking device was on their cell phones. Timothy always knew where they were and even had cameras in the house so he knew what was going on if he wasn't there at the moment.

Radar Online shared that reports are out that he kept the women in control by offering them drugs and also threatening violence if they didn't do what he wanted them to do. The reports are that he kept them addicted to drugs, raped them and was using all three of these women.