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Florida: a gold mine of marijuana ethanol 'marithanol'

While many are debating the topic of marijuana legalization for recreational and medicinal purposes, we are missing one of the most helpful aspects of the marijuana plant; organic material yield. The marijuana plant, if legalized for commercial uses, would send southern states such as Florida into the high revenue market of ethanol fuels. Let me introduce you to, "Marithanol"; an answer to the current energy crisis.

Video: Florida man uses marijuana as alternative energy source

How is ethanol fuel created? By taking organic matter and converting it into alcohol, ethanol is created and thus used as an alternative energy source. Because marijuana is not legal, we are forced to use low organic yield plant species such as soy and corn. However, while this works, these plants actually take a considerable amount of energy to grow and thus diffuse the gains of ethanol to a marginal amount.

Marijuana however, if grown in a proper environment, will use barely any energy at all to grow. It has the highest yield per acre of any crop on the face of the planet, and thus would be an ideal source of ethanol. Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi posses an ideal growing environment for the marijuana plant as they have a moderate climate and proper soil properties.

A local Florida man known as "Dade City Rasta" has developed a method of using small amounts of hemp extract in combination with hydrogen gas to power his mid 90's Ford Ranger. While the vehicle still runs primarily on petroleum distillates, the amount of energy introduced by his marijuana and hydrogen system is verifiable and totally functional.

While everyone is debating and talking about recreational and medicinal purposes, we are missing the big picture here. Much needed revenue for these southern states can be introduced by the sale and cultivation of marijuana ethanol. This would allow for proper state funding, creation of more jobs, and an overall positive impact on what is considered to be a suffering economy.

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