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Flight MH370: More false identities discovered on Malaysia Airlines plane

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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is still missing, but developments are emerging. In a previous report "suspicious objects" were found by a Vietnamese aircraft, but details surrounding what they were have not been disclosed.

According to AOL News March 9, more false identities on the manifest have been discovered of passengers aboard the jet. Originally, two passengers were on MH370 who had stolen passports from Thailand. One was an Austrian and the other an Italian. The latest update reveals that authorities are looking into at least two more false identities with stolen passports who were on the Malaysia Airlines plane.

With four false identities and no distress signal from the plane called in to air traffic control, experts state these circumstances are "consistent with a possible onboard explosion."

Other reports have speculated that the plane might have tried turning around, but Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said pilots are suppose to alert the airline and traffic control.

"From what we have, there was no such distress signal or distress call per se, so we are equally puzzled," Yahya said.

Authorities are not ruling anything out and have not confirmed that a terrorist attack led to flight MH370 being lost, but Al-Qaida militants have been known to use similar tactics involved in this plane's disappearance. Malaysian intelligence is working with international officials -- including the FBI -- in this investigation.

Other theories that experts have hashed out over missing flight MH370, is "a catastrophic failure of the engines or structure of the plane, extreme turbulence or pilot error or even suicide were all possible."

Malaysia Airlines has reportedly told families of passengers to "prepare for the worst" since contact with the plane has been lost over 32 hours now.

The report added that the plane carrying 239 passengers was inspected just 10 days ago and said to be "in proper condition."

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