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Fla. teacher and boyfriend charged with having sex with 13-year-old girl

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Kimberly Honaker, 48, a teacher from Apopka Middle School in Orange County, Fla. and her live-in boyfriend, Robert Pruitt, 58, were arrested on June 3 after police in Apopka said that the pair sexually abused a 13-year-old girl. Honaker was originally arrested over the weekend, but was released and re-arrested Tuesday with additional charges.

CBS News in Tampa reported that although both Honaker and Pruitt had sexual relations with the child, “Sometimes Pruitt would have sex with the 13-year-old on his own, according to police.” Honaker was taken to Orange County Jail, on two felony counts.

Following Honaker’s arrest, the language-arts teacher was formally relieved of her teaching duties at Apopka Middle School, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Honaker, who’s been teaching in the school district for the last 17 years, will be suspended without pay at the next school board meeting. During the course of the police investigation into her child sexual abuse charges, Honaker is not allowed on school grounds.

The police report credits Pruitt’s estranged wife with tipping off police as to the couple’s activities. According to that report, Pruitt’s wife contacted the cops after seeing “Facebook messages, texts and emails that alluded to an improper sexual relationship.”

The Pruitts lived together in Ocala until May 1, when he moved to Apopka to live with Honaker, an old flame, the report shows.

The house where Honaker and Robert Pruitt were living was filthy, contained 20 dogs and has no air conditioning, according to the report.

Following yesterday’s arrest, Honaker was charged with lewd or lascivious molestation and use of a child in a sexual performance, charges which were added to her original charge of child-neglect. Pruitt was charged with one count of lewd or lascivious exhibition and 20 counts of lewd or lascivious molestation. Both Honaker and Pruitt were being held without bail at the Orange County Jail.

Click Orlando shared that Pruitt admitted to police about the abuse, and that Honaker willingly participated in the sexual acts with the 13-year-old and readily allowed Pruitt to have sex with the child. Police in Apopka added that “Honaker also failed to protect another teen that was not sexually assaulted.” Both of the teens involved in the sexual abuse case were placed into the care of the Department of Children and Families on Sunday, and then placed into foster care.