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Fiverr changes mutual cancellation policy

Fiverr changes mutual cancellation policy
Fiverr changes mutual cancellation policy
Used with permission of Fiverr

On June 5, 2014, Fiverr announced in their blog of a new change in policy regarding “mutual cancellations”. Fiverr is a freelance website where Buyers and Sellers can trade thousands of different services starting at only $5 per order or “gig”. Fiverr administration is now announcing that mutual cancellations would no longer negatively affect the Sellers’ rankings.

This comes as great news to the community of freelance professionals on Fiverr. In the past, Fiverr Sellers were penalized in their Fiverr rankings each and every time that an order was canceled for any reason. This meant that freelance Sellers were forced to take on assignments from Buyers even if the order placed went far above and beyond their original Fiverr gig description of services. Failing to take the order resulted in Fiverr Sellers being penalized, significantly reducing their chances to rise to the “Top Seller” status or appear higher in the Fiverr search engine page rankings.

A recent article reported in the Business Insider on June 6, 2014, lists the Top 20 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs based on hourly wages. Of those listed, all of them can be found on the Fiverr website from several hundred different Fiverr Sellers. For example, Business Insider lists freelance voice acting at an average fee of $72.70 per hour. This works out to be about $1.21 per minute. So, some Fiverr Sellers were offering cheap freelance services in the form of short 4-5 minute voice commercials on Fiverr for a mere $5.

Unfortunately, some Fiverr Buyers were not always as professional in their dealings as the freelance Sellers. For years, Fiverr Sellers have complained to the administration that they were being "held hostage" by many of their Buyers. The Fiverr blogosphere is rampant with complaints of Buyers blackmailing Sellers with threats of negative reviews unless additional services were provided from the freelance Seller that were not part of the original agreement.

As the website began to increase in popularity in the past couple of years, the complaints only began to escalate. Even many of the site’s Top Rated Sellers were beginning to leave Fiverr altogether. The Sellers demanded action, and Fiverr administration seems to have finally resolved the problem by changing the mutual cancellation policy.