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Five wrestlers who would be great in a WWE video game

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With the roster release for "WWE 2K15" less than 10 days away, here are five performers that have never appeared in a WWE game that would be cool to play with. While the chances of seeing some of these guys make the list is slim to none, one can always hope.

Five wrestlers who would be great in a WWE Video game

Blitzkrieg: This guy lit the WCW Cruiserweight Division on fire in late '98 and early '99 and then disappeared. His influence on future performers, especially in the indie scene, is substantial. From his arsenal of high-flying moves, to awesome mask and attire, he was a blast.

Chance of it happening?: Never. For one, he’s never wrestled in the WWE and no one knows who the hell he is anymore.

Stu Hart: This makes so much sense. There could be a Hart Dungeon mini-game in the next WWE game where you can beef up the stats of your created wrestler. Wrestling with the shooter would be a separate and equally as fun gameplay element. It would also be an awesome tribute to one of pro wrestling's most iconic families.

Chance of it happening?: It could happen, but probably won't.

Barry Windham: One of pro wrestling's forgotten gems, Windham was super smooth in the ring, way too technically savvy for a guy his size. His Superplex to this day is still one of the prettiest versions of the move. His runs as NWA World Champion and WCW United States Champion have forged his name in the history books forever.

Chance of it happening?: With the Horsemen and Windham in the WWE Hall of Fame, it could, but probably won't.

Austin Aries: He's a beast in the ring. He can do it all. He just works for the wrong goddamn company.

Chance of it happening?: Until the WWE smartens up and let's him jump the sinking ship in TNA, never.

Prince Devitt: His moveset is amazing, but his face and body paint attires are the X-Factor. This guy is too cool for school.

Chance of it happening?: His recent signing confirms it, but probably not until next year.

“WWE 2K15” is set for a October 28 release in North America and will ship on October 31 internationally.

What do you think of these ideas? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know.

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