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Five Ways to Reduce Electronic Waste

More electronic items are thrown into the landfill than ever before. In fact, e-waste has become one of the largest portions of discarded items.

However, we can use these five tips to reduce electronic waste:
1. Buy less. This may seem obvious. However, remember how consumer-driven our world has become. It never hurts to remind each other to stop buying so many material things we don’t need. For instance, if last year’s iPhone still works, use it until we can’t anymore.

2. Repair items. This option benefits us best if we paid more for the initial item than it would cost to have it fixed. However, we can have just about any computer, radio, appliance or smartphone refurbished if we want.

3. Lease instead of purchase. Anyone might need an item for just a short period, and then later can bring it back to a place that allows take backs. Besides automobiles, it’s possible for us to rent home theaters, computers, washers, dryers and kitchen appliances.

4. Obtain reused equipment. Most people donate electronic equipment and computers after only a few years of use. Sometimes, these have lasted longer than even some of the later models when properly maintained. Always purchased used when available.

5. Recycle.

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