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Five creatures from the Ancient Greek myth

An embossed plaque in the Art Nouveau style from 1911
An embossed plaque in the Art Nouveau style from 1911
sailko/wikimedia commons

Greek mythology has many creatures in their stories, this article is going to briefly look at five of these creatures. Thanks to the book written by Edith Hamilton, that was called, "Mythology," for the help in writing this brief, but interesting article about Greek mythology creatures.

1. "The Sileni"

The Sileni was a creature that was part man and part horse. They walked on two legs, not on four. According to Hamilton's book, the sileni has no stories about it, but they often depicted on Greek vases. It makes one wonder if maybe the myths of this creature were lost, or in reality were just centaurs.

2. "Satrys"

Like Pan (Hermes son), the satyrs were goat men. They were depicted as lustful, drunken woodland goats. Myths said that they are a troop of male companions of Pan and Dionysus. They have also been associated with flute playing. The chief satyr was known as Silenus.

3. "The Centaurs"

The centaur was portrayed as being a half man and half horse. They were said to inhabit the mountains and corsets of Magnesia. Though that is just one place where the centaurs were said to live in myth. What is known through myth is that these creatures were loud and wild bunch, especially when drunk.

4. "The Sirens"

Ovid called them the companions of Persephone, the Sirens were often called the muses of the lower world. These seductive creatures would sing sailors to their death. In some early Greek art, Sirens were depicted as birds with large women's heads, bird feathers, and scaly feet. In Homer's "Odyssey" Odysseus has a famous run in with sirens. Even long after Ancient Greece was around sailors believed in sirens actually. It was a very common legend for sailors.

5. "The Gorgons"

Medusa was probably one of the most famous gorgons in Ancient myth, for people to remember. There were three gorgons actually counting Medusa, there were Stheno and Euryale. Their father was the son of the sea and earth, his name was Phorays. The depiction of the gorgons mostly go like this, they had female attributes but were said to have snakes coming from their hair. If you looked directly in their eyes, you would turn into stone.

So that's a brief look at five creatures, and I hope this leads to more look into these creatures, and the fun into learning about these ancient stories.

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