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Five best love mobiles for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous

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Valentine’s Day is the world’s holiday of amour, so on this festive day where matters of the heart reign supreme, here are five love mobiles that will make Valentine’s Day a memorable occasion:

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1) The Ford Mustang is an American muscle car classic that has iconic appeal, excitement and superior power. With its rich history, throwback looks and modern efficiency, the pony car has continued to soar in popularity. Pulling up to any event in a Mustang is not only sure to cast looks your way but will make your love day an even more titillating affair!

2) Ok, how can the Volkswagen Beetle aka the “Love Bug” not be included in the mix of love mobiles? The oh-so-cute, yet modestly sporty Beetle just brings out feelings of love, peace and happiness, emotions that fit in nicely with what Valentine’s Day is all about. The Beetle’s cool retro-inspired design and cozy/comfy interior which is an ideal love setting is sure to create a warm and fuzzy, fun, dating experience.

3) Who says pickups aren’t sexy? The Ford F150 makes a big statement and no longer in a rough and tumble way. The pickup is smooth, luxurious, comfy, roomy and chockfull of creature comforts. Yet, the truck can haul, climb and tow because it’s “built tough,” so is there anything sexier than a can-do-all vehicle? Word on the street is that pickups drive women mad in a good way, so a vehicle like the F150 will probably take a man’s sex appeal to a whole other dimension. Interested in kicking up your social life a notch or two especially on a night like tonight, try an F150 on for size!

4) Sexy is the Audi A5 sport coupe’s middle name. Sleek, edgy, the premium ride is a head-turner. With a ride that is smooth and quiet, just the hush of the A5’s cabin makes for love conversation that is meant to be had by two. More than just a pretty face, the A5 is sure to add just a touch of elegance to any hot Valentine’s Day tête-à-tête.

5) Ok, station wagons aren’t sexy? Says who? Well the Cadillac CTS Wagon gives you sexy every which way you peep it. Cadillac proudly broke all of the stereotypical styling cues associated with station wagons by producing the CTS Wagon, a luxurious caliber of vehicle that will make any couple excited to step into it on any date night. The CTS Wagon is practical, spacious, and comfortable with a soothing ambience. So powerful and road-ready, the car is certainly more than capable to transport folks with ease at ridiculous speeds. A Valentine’s Day date in a sexy CTS Wagon, well, who wouldn’t want to step out in one!

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