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Fishing slump, the Internet and casting an umbrella skeleton

Another chance at living.
Another chance at living.
Photo by L.A. Van Veghel

Fishing slump, the Internet and casting an umbrella skeleton

I’ve just gone through a brief period of nothingness comparable to going fishing and catching nothing. My computer reminded me of what it’s like to have fishless outings. I had signed on, signed off, rebooted, only to have been met by a less responsive computer each use.
I tried all kinds of techniques that should have brought success to my methods.
I tried Norton, and it was like using effective bait. However, the virus had hidden itself. It was disguised as a Vista antispyware program for 2012. When compared to fishing, it was like having a welcomed return to catching fish only to have the slump take its place. This time, the result was a dead keyboard. Note, my computer uses the real Vista, so the fake Vista program seemed acceptable.
I was not able to do my columns, articles, writing newsletter called the Village Naval, writing and fishing press releases, Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd. minutes and Wisconsin Council of Sport Fishing Organizations minutes. Fortunately, I had made an electronic cast to Malware Experts and their Florida based Gavynn Wells found my fish tale worth a response.
Mr. Wells soon had me in contact with their expert technicians in India. It took three half days to get the problem solved. I watched as they took control of my computer. At times, they let me again cast upon the waters of Lake Internet.
No bites; no alphabet letters were seen. The fish still had lockjaw.
On the third day, technician #5 came up with the solution to make the fish bite. He was able to break the restore code blockage, and I typed the monumental word “type.”
The word appeared on my monitor screen, and this old man of the sea was once more effectively fishing on the interactive tube.
Of a related nature, the hot B.A.S.S. tournament lure is called an Alabama Rig. It was selling for $27.00 from the manufacturer. Per my angling friend Jerry, Bass Pro Ships now has a version selling for about $15.00. The bait looks like a miniature umbrella skeleton, and anglers can rig it with live minnows or artificial minnows. Check your angling laws to make sure you don’t violate the hook number laws. In Wisconsin, three is the maximum.


Alabama Rig -

Bass Pro Shops - NEW Bass Pro Shops® Deadly 5 Shad Rig - Bass Pro Shops

B.A.S.S. - Bass Angler Sportsman Society
347 Chain Pickerel Videos -

Wisconsin Fishing Club, Ltd. -
(In process of being revised)

Wisconsin Council of Sport Fishing Organizations -

Malware Experts -
(They just did a great job of removing a Trojan from my computer. Call 1-954-621-3399 and ask for Gavynn Wells. Tell him I sent you to him.)

WI State HS Ice Fishing Championship -


The Palmyra Lions Club, 27th annual fisheree, Saturday, 1/28/12 - Lower Spring Lake,, attn: Mike Fischer at (262) 495-8137

Milwaukee Casting Club, 14th annual fisheree, Saturday, 1/28/12 – Big Muskego Lake, AJ’s Bar & Grill, S90 W13970, Boxhorn Drive, Muskego

Mapleton Hook & Shell, 27th annual fisheree, Saturday, 1/28/12, Okauchee Lake, American Legion on Wisconsin Ave. in Okauchee is headquarters, contact: Richard Jorgensen at (262) 443-0390

Richfield Sportsmen’s Club, annual fisheree, Sunday, 1/29/12, Friess Lake, Wally & Bee’s, 1571 Lake Drive, Huburtus, Call (262) 628-1702
Hartford Conservation and Gun Club, 22nd annual fisheree, Sunday, 1/29/12, Pike Lake, club location is 6000 Hwy. 60 East, Hartford


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