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First video game journalism class revealed

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For those who love gaming and wish to write about it, but first want to go through some formal instruction and training before they tackle the industry, you should turn your attention toward The University of Iowa.

According to a report from, the University of Iowa's School of Journalism and Mass Communication will now be featuring a class on video game journalism.

The course will be called, "Specialized Reporting & Writing: Video Games & Communication," and those who wish to join the titanic that is journalism as a whole, will be provided with instruction from IGN Entertainment on how they can nurture and further their skills to help gain new career opportunities.

The press statement went on to say, "the class will explore the interdisciplinary relationship between journalism and the video game industry, with focuses on how digital games serve as a means of transmission of cultural and social norms and ideas, and the development of practical writing, reporting and critical thinking skills to cover the growing video game industry."

Casey Lynch, editor-in-chief of, said this class will go beyond books and that it will be a powerful guiding tool for those who wish to get into the industry as a journalist.

"This is about more than just book learning.

"Breaking into this business isn’t easy, and as video games continue to grow as a medium and mainstream form of pop culture, it’ll only get harder. We want to share our insights to help give the most driven kids a leg up into this most-awesome career," Lynch said.

There was no mention or information about when the class would be available to be taken, but one would assume it would start the beginning of next semester.