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First hand look at 'WordSmack' for iPhone and iPad

"WordSmack" is a new asynchronous two player social word game by EA Mobile where you challenge a friend or play against a random opponent to become the top "WordSmacker."

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EA Mobile
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EA Mobile

You're given 15 turns to guess as many five letter words as possible and score the highest point total. The more guesses you take for each word, the less points you'll be able to earn. Each word starts with both their first and last letters revealed.

For example, the first word I had to deduce started off like this:

"S _ _ _ D"

After typing in the word "sword" the "w," "o," and "r" tiles became red in the keypad (meaning that those letters weren't in the word). Next I keyed in "spied" to now avail. I then decided to throw in random vowels, and the "a" turned orange (meaning that the letter is in the word, but just in the wrong spot) while the other two letters turned were red. The answer was "salad."

You're able to skip words that you can't figure out, however if you don't then after six incorrect guesses you'll automatically be given the next word. After you've used up your 15 turns you'll need to wait for your opponent, who'll be given the same words to guess. Each game lasts three rounds, in increasing in difficulty. As your skill increases the words become more challenging, and only the first letter is provided.

Because there's no time limit (just a guess limit), each round lasts as quick or long as you want them to. You can also have several matches going on at once - one for each of your friends.

As you play you'll earn tokens that can be redeemed for power-ups such as the "letter," "hammer," and "clue." Each power-up provides hints in a different way and gives a distinct edge over your opponent, allowing you to rack up a higher score. Power-ups can also be purchased from the store.

Because it's a free game there's absolutely no excuse not to download "WordSmack." It might even expand your vocabulary.

"WordSmack" is currently available on the Canadian App Store and will hit the US "soon."

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