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First 'Halo 5' concept art shown in 343 Industries update

Halo 5 Concept Art
Halo 5 Concept Art
First look at Halo 5. (343 Industries)

343 Industries posted an update Thursday on the current state of the development studio as 2014 begin. Along with it comes the very first peek at concept art for Halo 5 on the Xbox One (aka Halo Xbox One).

The concept art is one of the new locations in the next Halo title and is set on the planet Sparth according to 343 Industries Josh Holmes. In it, you can clearly see the UNSC Infinity hovering over what looks like an industrial area or space dock of some kind.

Interestingly, Sparth is also the nickname of concept artist Nicolas Bouvier who created many pieces of concept art for Halo 4 and is now the Lead Concept Artist, taking over for Kenneth Scott who is now working as a consultant.

Holmes also had some additional changes to the 343 Industries staff to announce. Most notably, he is moving to the roll of Executive Producer while Tim Longo, formerly of LucasArt, joins as Creative Director. Longo previously worked on Tomb Raider, Star Wars: Republic Commando and the unreleased Star Wars: Final Assault.

Halo 4 Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill has gone on to develop "exciting new stories, experiences and technologies that will transform the way that you experience Halo," according to Holmes.

A release date for Halo 5 on the Xbox One has not been announced yet but Microsoft Studios has stated that it will release in 2014.

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