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First details and screens revealed for ‘Minecraft’ Avatar mod

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The first details and screens have been revealed in regards to the upcoming Avatar mod of the video game, “Minecraft.” You can check out the screens from the mod, as well as several older shots from the open-world sandbox video game, in the slideshow at the top of this article and the details below (via Planet Minecraft).

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The Avatar mod for “Minecraft” is based on the 2009 James Cameron movie with the same name. It will come with numerous structures (Hometrees, RDA Bases and Viperwolf Dens), mobs (Banshees, Dire Horses, Thanator, Leonopteryx, Hammerhead Titanothere, Hexapede, Viperwolf, Na'vi, Pandorican Boar) in addition to various blocks and items (Pandorican Dirt, Wood, Sharpened Rock, Unobtanium Ore, Rock, Pandorican Grass, Hunting Spear, Throwing Spear, Club, Spiked Club, War Knife, Throwing Knife, Na'vi Bow, Na'vi Arrow, Poisoned Arrow and Flaming Arrow).

The “Minecraft” Avatar mod requires version 1.4 of the PC game. It will be available for download sometime in 2013.