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First anonymous official conclusion that Malaysia flight370 was a hijack

It takes a lot of evidence for an official to make any statement that a human intervention caused an aircraft to to anything. In the case of Malaysia flight 370, an unprecedented failure to locate the actual crash site has the first unofficial declaration that human intervention led to the conditions that caused the giant aircraft and 239 souls to go missing. According to a March 14 CBS News article, an unidentified Malaysian official has said that human intervention, by way of appropriate training and control, is behind the missing flight.

A sad change of fortunes
Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images

On March 8, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 took off with origin at Kuala Lumpur and a destination of Beijing, the capital of China. Radar data can only suggest that the flight suddenly turned westward, crossed the Malaysian peninsula and headed toward the west. China is in a generally northward direction.

After nearly a week of speculation and reports suggesting explosions and altitude changes of all kinds of varieties, not to mention other issues, the conclusion is that a human intervened to redirect flight 370 to its final demise.

It was not just any kind of human who could do this,either. The person who could do such a redirection is, by logic, assumed to be highly skilled and enough in control to operate the highly complex plane.

The Malaysian official who made the statement said he or she is not authorized to speak to the press and remains anonymous.

The official concluded that the plane was hijacked. The reality, however, is that no one hijacks a plane of the magnitude of a Boeing 777 without a motive. The vast majority of hijackers have a sociopolitical motive or are operatives of organized groups. In this case, no group or individual has come forward to claim responsibility.

That leaves rare cases where members of the skilled staff are suicidal and would bring the aircraft to the ground with all souls aboard. There are no messages or behavioral references indicating that that went on, either.

The plane did navigate in odd directions and Malaysian radar is not the best, but military radar and satellite observation should have filled in when other radar would have been insufficient to give a clear record of the flight path.

In the end, CNN and other broadcast networks have now dropped all coverage and gone to canned programming. This indicates that there is no real confirmation of the unidentified Malaysian official's statements.

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