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Fire causes $100K damage at Monte Carlo in Las Vegas

The Monte Carlo on the Vegas Strip
The Monte Carlo on the Vegas Strip
Photo by Robert Mora/Getty Images

The Clark County Fire Department (CCFD) reported and responded to a 2:30 A.M. fire Tuesday morning at the construction site of a restaurant at the Monte Carlo resort in Las Vegas. News regarding the blaze was reported yesterday (Jan. 14) by Fox5 news in Las Vegas.

Due to an as yet unknown cause, the blaze was contained by firefighters at the building site of the planned Double Barrel Saloon at the Monte Carlo. Officials claimed the fire was contained to a bar area that involved construction materials. The CCFD reported that one fireman sustained minor injuries while performing duties at the fire location. Deputy Fire Chief Jon Klassen said the fire resulted in approximate damages of $100,000 according to reports.

The Monte Carlo, owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, did not undergo any evacuations or major patron disruptions during the incident. MGM spokespersons said business and construction continued normally yesterday following the incident.

In a more dramatic incident from the past, the roof of the Monte Carlo caught fire in January 2008 which resulted in evacuation of the hotel. Millions in actual fire damages and lost revenue were incurred due to closure of the hotel for three weeks following the incident. No serious injuries occurred (seventeen were treated for smoke inhalation symptoms) from that fire which was started due to sparks from a cutting torch used in construction of a walkway on the roof of the hotel.