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'Finding Bigfoot' season finale offends Christians

The repeated 'Jesus' jokes were very offensive to Christians.
The repeated 'Jesus' jokes were very offensive to Christians.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The "Finding Bigfoot" season finale aired on Sunday night, and fans had looked forward to the two-hour special. Sadly, the season's last episode began in a manner which was very offensive to Christians. Whether it was intentional or not, it was quite disturbing to hear our favorite Squatchin' friends belittle and denigrate the most sacred name in Christianity: Jesus. At best, it was sacrilegious, and it really was very disrespectful to Christians. As a viewer who anticipated spending two hours with these familiar characters, it was very disappointing, and it ruined the rest of the program.

Tonight's investigation took place in the area around the Four Corners Monument at the intersection of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Colorado. Most of the people featured on the show were Navaho Indians, and one of these was named Jesus. Most intelligent people would know that this is pronounced "Hay-sus." The "Finding Bigfoot" team evidently did not, and they repeatedly jokingly referred to the man as "Jesus," and they made some very inappropriate remarks and references, accompanied by giggles like a child saying, "Poop!"

Cliff remarked that they should "pray that Jesus knew what the H*** he was talking about." At one point, they all exclaimed, "Thank you, Jesus!" Whether the name of Jesus means anything to them, common respect for the beliefs of others was overlooked. To better illustrate the point; can you imagine if the team had ridiculed the Muslim prophet Muhammad?

The rest of the two-hours was not as enjoyable because the thoughtless and irreverent remarks left a sour taste in the mouth, but it was a bit long and slow tonight. The team split up and each went in the direction of one of the four states accessible from Four Corners, and the normal team interaction was missing, also. It seemed lackluster in this episode.