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'Fighter Within' will have 10 different fighting locations

A player swings from a tree to attack their foe
A player swings from a tree to attack their foe

We recently had a chance to sit down with Ubisoft to discuss their upcoming Xbox One launch title, The Fighter Within. Aymeric Evennou, International Product Manager, told us how the fighting locations will vary throughout the game. Ubisoft gave us some details about the title's global scale.

The game will let you choose between 10 different locales – from a rooftop in Dubai, to a floating market in Thailand and even to the African savanna surrounded by rhinos! You will have to adapt your fighting to each stage.

As we've seen from previously released game footage, players can win matches by knocking their opponent out of the ring. Ubisoft stated that some locations will be small, meaning that players will have to focus more on not being 'ringed out'. Others will feature destructible or interactive elements. For example, players may be able to use poles to pull of some more acrobatic stunts, while other locations may offer improvised weapons such as sticks.

Ubisoft's The Fighter Within looks to be an excellent example of what the new Kinect can do, and will be available for the Xbox One on November 22nd. We'll have more on this interview throughout the week.

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