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Feds once again stepping into gay marriage controversy

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder said that the federal government will recognize some 300 same sex marriages that were performed in Michigan before the recent stay was put in place pending a higher court decision. Holder said they would be eligible for the same benefits that other same sex couples currently enjoy.

This administration is going out if its way to make the case that same sex or gay marriage is a union that should be recognized by all. Seventeen states have drawn up legislation to approve this type of union but most of these actions are still being held up in the court pending appeals. Michigan is the latest to join the ranks of having its decisions on gay marriage being given a 2nd look by the courts.

In a recent Bloomberg National Poll on same sex marriage and gay rights, 55 percent of those polled said they supported allowing gays to marry while 33 percent opposed. However, to state that this is mandate for same sex marriage would be going too far because the issue isn't that close to the heart of the people. In the same poll, when asked if they would rather live in a state that made it easy for same sex couples to marry 30 percent said yes, but 50 percent said they didn't care.

While our government is continuing to make the case that same sex marriage is one of the top priorities of the nation, the people do not seem to hold the same view.

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