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Federal US Court rules Hepatitis B vaccine caused Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A patient was awarded $1.1 million for medical expenses in the first year after and an annuity to pay for life care expenses for subsequent years after the United States Court of Federal Claims ruled that ‘a dose of the hepatitis B vaccination caused [a patient] to develop chronic fatigue syndrome.’ The case details can be found in a post dated July 9.

See the rest of the published decision awarding damages to the hepatitis B vaccine victim at the source article

This court judgment should serve as a warning for anyone considering receiving the hepatitis B vaccine that their life could be altered by the vaccine. The adverse reactions section of the Merck VARIVAX hepatitis B vaccine package insert contains fatigue along with multiple sclerosis, seizure, encephalitis, lupus and arthritis. According to the Merck RECOMBIVAX HB hepatitis B vaccine (RECOMBINANT) package insert, the most frequent systemic complaints include fatigue/weakness.

If someone insists that you or a loved one must get the hepatitis B vaccine, be sure to read the package insert and know that you have the right to refuse the vaccination. There have been 60 diseases and adverse reactions associated with the hepatitis B vaccination. See: