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Fed policy will ensure same benefit rights for same-sex married couples

It has been reported today that Eric Holder will announce Saturday night Feb. 8, that “lawful same-sex marriages” will be extended equal recognition, “to the greatest extent possible under [federal] law.”

Federal policy ensures benefits for same-sex married couples
Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images

Holder is set to announce, the nation will no longer be divided as benefits for same-sex married couples v.s. opposite-sex married couples.

All married couples will be united under the new policy and it will trump state laws that do not extend same benefits for same-sex married couples.

Many against same-sex marriages bullied their opinion all the way to the Supreme Courts, but their idea to ban federal government from validating same-sex marriage benefits was overruled in June.

Chad Griffin, was appointed as president of the Human Rights Campaign in 2012, and said this Saturday will mark a step in the right direction for our nation to finally aim for true fairness and equality for everyone.

With this new policy every legally married couple, same-sex or opposite-sex will be recognized in federal courts -- if they wish to decline testifying against their spouse they can. All couples will have access to the same death benefits and educational payments for widowed spouses, if their significant other worked in public safety and passes away from a tragic death.

Holder is set to further state that federal government will acknowledge the person as a widowed spouse, and as a human being with all the same rights -- not cast them aside because of who they married.

Under the Justice policy even federal inmates who are in a legal same-sex marriage will receive the same benefits as a legal opposite-sex marriage does. As before only opposite-sex marriages had rights to; visitation, correspondence, escorted trips to a spouses funeral, and able to seek a reduced sentence if the inmate's spouse was deemed incapacitated.

Furthermore, bankruptcy rights to alimony rights will also be granted, and debt obligation rights will also be extended.

Holder is scheduled to make it clear to all courthouses, and every member who works for the Department of Justice to vigorously make great efforts to allow all same-sex marriages the same privileges and protections that opposite-sex marriages have “under federal law.”

Tonight’s Gala held at the Waldor Astoria in New York is where true freedom for all marriages will be announced.

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