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FBI arrests elected politicians across the nation

Leland Yee, candidate for California Secretary of State, arrested on corruption charges.
Leland Yee, candidate for California Secretary of State, arrested on corruption charges.

Politicians across the country are looking over their shoulders this afternoon to make sure the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) is not hot on their tail. Today, March 26, 2014, the FBI arrested and conducted raids in California, New York and North Carolina seeking to put corrupt elected officials behind bars for breaking federal laws.

Charlotte Mayor, Patrick DeAngelo Cannon

Patrick Cannon was arrested today for federal public corruption, honest services wire fraud, extortion, theft and bribery. Cannon, 47, Mayor of Charlotte, North Carolina has been under investigation by the FBI since August, 2010 where he allegedly accepted financial bribes and items of value from undercover FBI agents acting as if they were real estate investors seeking favors from Cannon to smooth their business in Charlotte. It is alleged in the federal complaint that Cannon solicited and accepted the payments.

Albany Assemblyman William Scarborough

The FBI raided the office of Albany, New York Assemblyman William Scarborough today in an investigation into alleged improper per diem reimbursements. The FBI removed papers from his office in Albany and in Jamaica, NY. The question was raised about Scarborough's reimbursement of travel expenses he reported to the State of New York in his job as an elected committeeman. Scarborough said today's raid was a "tabloid hit job."

California State Senator Leland Yee

California State Senator Leland Yee was also arrested today on public corruption charges as the FBI executed search warrants in different locations of the Bay Area and it has been reported it is in relation to suspected gang activity. Yee's home and offices were raided by a multi-agency task force, including the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service. Yee is also running to be California's next Secretary of State.

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