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Fatal Seattle police shooting bringing out the gun bigots

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Saturday night’s fatal shooting of a man in the Queen Anne neighborhood brought out the anti-gun bigotry of some people, and quick reactions from others, while investigators were still trying to piece together why the man was firing a gun on his property, which the Seattle Times reported had sold for $2.2 million in June 2013.

The Seattle Police Blotter reported that the man was outside brandishing a firearm when police arrived. The man went inside the house as officers arrived. At least two responding officers were armed with patrol rifles, and when the man came out of the house and opened fire, they fired back. After the officers shot him, he crawled back inside, where he was later found dead.

It is not clear why he was shooting or what he was shooting at. The Seattle Times reported that police have “had previous encounters with the man.” Neighbors did not offer many details about the man.

A reader at Seattle posted a sneering remark. “Another typical gun owner with poor problem-solving and coping skills. Are Americans really going to put up with this?”

That brought immediate reactions from several other readers, including at least one man who claimed to dislike guns. “I am no fan of guns (and that's putting it mildly); but no, the "typical gun owner" does NOT do this. Statements like that do nothing productive to add to the conversation about responsible gun laws,” that reader wrote.

More information about the man will surface. It may never be known why he was shooting. One unidentified neighbor was quoted by the Times noting that the man had complained about how some people parked on the street. At least one P-I reader suggested this was a “suicide by cop.”

The man and his family, including an adult daughter, reportedly moved to the neighborhood only a few months ago, the Times said. It was not explained where he had lived previously.