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Fast food workers strike for living wage

Fast food workers strike for living wage
Fast food workers strike for living wage
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A fast food workers strike occurred in seven cities today. Employees of Wendy's and McDonald's restaurants walked off the job demanding a living wage. According to Businessweek on July 29, 2013, locations in New York, St. Louis, Detroit and more were affected.

"American fast-food and retail workers have been striking this year for higher wages, and the protest starting today seeks wages of $15 an hour, 66 percent higher than the $9.02 that U.S. fast-food cooks earn, on average."

This fast food workers strike is similar to another that occurred in April where they joined Macy's and Victoria’s Secret in protest. Federal minimum wage currently sits at $7.25 per hour, where it has stagnated since 2007. Some states do set their hourly rates higher. Burger King, Domino's, and Subway employees are also striking this week.

The Fast food workers strike is also an attempt to unionize the employees in this industry. They are also in need of better benefits. Not all the folks are teenagers; some of them have families to support. Employers claim that doubling the current wage minimum would impair hiring and hurt their business. But the fact remains that this is a $200 billion a year industry.

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