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Far Cry 3 blends insanity and entertainment like you've never seen before (Video)

Ubisoft has had an impressive year in gaming and "Far Cry 3" takes things a step further than "Assassin's Creed III" did.

What did you think about Far Cry 3?

"Far Cry 3" is available now in retailers everywhere and the game has turned in one of the surprise performances of the year, which can be attributed to the universal nature this game offers people.

"Far Cry 3's" game designer Andrea Zanini was nice enough to take sometime to discuss with, the newly debuted shooter and everything it has to provide players.

Zanini said one of the hardest things the team had to manage was all of the ideas and concepts they wanted to place in the game, while maintaining a high quality of work.

"The biggest challenge was to satisfy all of our ambitions and to deliver the quality we wanted. We're all very passionate about 'Far Cry' and we didn't want to compromise on any aspect.

"Breakthrough characters that pushed the quality of acting in games, a story that would challenge your standard shooter, gameplay that empowered the player with freedom and possibilities, a world that was alive and savage…; normally each of these on their own is a tough one to crack.

"Putting them together so the synergy of all created and delivered the experience and quality we set out to do, was a huge undertaking that now, the whole team is proud to deliver," Zanini said.

"Far Cry 3" presents a number of varying themes throughout the entire game and it truly challenges players mentally and creatively.

Zanini discussed the role the characters play in the game and how they help create the feel of the world around you.

"I would say that each character brings their unique flavor of emotion to the game. The characters are a major pillar of the experience.

"They are the different faces of the island, which for us, is one of the main characters. Vaas, Jason, Citra, Dennis, Buck, etc…. each encompass a perspective of insanity that the island harbours.

"Vaas can be more in your face with emotions and tension while Dr. Earnhardt will bring a more unsettling and undefined emotion to the player.

"It was important for each character to deliver and be treated equally in order to explore the many perspectives and rides of insanity that 'Far Cry 3' holds within," Zanini said.

Zanini went on to discuss the impact voice actor Michael Mando has made with the character, Vaas, and how much he brings to the role.

"We went through a few early iterations to explore who we wanted the antagonist to be. As we refined the story and concept for the game, we set what kind of character we wanted; we had a rough sketch for Vaas.

"We began casting actors for the role and after many auditions we came across Michael Mando.

"His audition and portrayal of the character helped define and sharpen who Vaas was. Michael was able to take the words on paper and bring them to life.

"He embodied Vaas.

"Together we collaborated and that was the birth of the Vaas we know today," Zanini said.

The characters will absolutely play a major role in the game, but the island will also have a major say in how players approach the world around them.

Zanini said whether or not the island will help players depends entirely on how they approach it and use the resources it offers.

"The island is both an ally and an enemy. Players will have to discover and overcome the challenges the island will present, and learn to utilize and hone the possibilities it provides in order to survive.

"A herd of buffalo can be a large threat to you, but also can be used to stampede over pirates. A tiger can be hunting for lunch while you are planning your next stealth attack.

"That same tiger could also distract pirates while you sneak up and systemically eliminate each one. You can use animal skins to help expand your inventory or use plants to make syringes that will help you overcome traversing and exploring the island.

"All of these elements are there to help you become stronger while keeping you on your toes and challenging your ability to survive," Zanini said.

Going from the campaign to the multiplayer world, gamers can expect a complete and encompassing experience that builds upon what the single player mode establishes.

Zanini said players of all kinds will be able to find their own style in the game's multiplayer and there truly is something for all types of gamers.

"We built an entire jungle archipelago to ensure that, whatever type of 'creature' you are (in terms of your gaming habits), you’ll find a comfortable niche in the game.

"Nothing is secondary.

"We wanted to provide players the full on 20+ hour open world shooter single player experience, the 4 player Co-op story campaign and the fully fledged online PVP ranking and competitive leveling experience.

"Each is there to satisfy different types of appetites.

"If you’re into single player experiences, we have it. If you really enjoy going online and challenge other players while showing off your skills, we have that in Multiplayer.

"Want to share a challenge and adventure with friends, 4 player Co-op with split-screen support. 'Far Cry' lets you play how you want, …. You decide how you want to experience the insanity," Zanini explained.

Lastly, Zanini truly believes the team at Ubisoft has created a game that not only pushes the franchise's boundaries, but the entire industry's as a whole.

"PLAY, experience and have FUN, that’s what I say, and I hope that’s what gamers will do. I’m looking forward for players to share their individual 'Far Cry' moments.

"The world is alive, nothing is scripted.

"No player’s experience will be similar and I can’t wait to see what crazy moments players will come across.

"I feel we’ve really made something that will cause people to look differently at shooters from both the experience we are offering, and hopefully also at games in general by the kind of story we are telling.

"It’s a small step but hopefully it will help advance games and push the genre," Zanini said.


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