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Family dog shot by police officer in Maryland

Family dog shot and killed by police officer
Family dog shot and killed by police officer
Family photo via the Baltimore Sun

One Anne Arundel County, Md., police officer devastated a family on Saturday when he shot and killed their dog while investigating a burglary in the Pasadena area, reported Monday's Baltimore Sun.

On Saturday afternoon, the deceased dog's guardian, Tim Reeves, was alerted to the presence of an officer in his front yard by his girlfriend.

He went to the door to see what the problem was; Reeves told the Baltimore Sun:

I said to him 'How can I help you, officer?

He looked at me and said 'I unloaded on your dog. Your dog attacked me, and I killed it.'"

The one year veteran of the force killed "Vern," a Chesapeake Bay retriever, who barked at the intruder who had entered his yard.

According to Vern's guardians, the officer was walking through yards in the neighborhood, hoping to interview someone about the burglary; Vern's guardians were not involved in the burglary investigation.

The Anne Arundel County Police Department plans to conduct a full investigation into Saturday's shooting.

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