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Family dog disappears, returns with evidence of mystery surgery

A strange mystery surrounds a Louisville, Ky., family's elderly dog, who disappeared earlier this week from the family's property, and then returned hours later with evidence that he had been operated on, reported Fox 6 News.

Screen shot via Fox 6 News

Roscoe, a 13-year-old golden retriever, belongs to the Dougherty family, who is stumped about what happened to their dog. Roscoe disappeared on Monday morning during the time that he is known to wander and visit the neighbors...when he did not come home as he usually does, his family, as well as the neighbors who know and love him, panicked.

Everyone in the neighborhood mobilized to search for the missing dog - to no avail.

Around 8 p.m. Monday night, Roscoe wandered back to his property - but it was quickly apparent that he had been put through surgery on his hip. In the place where Roscoe once had a hot spot, there were now stitches, and glue; a large portion of fur in the area had also been shaved away.

Roscoe's guardian phoned every veterinarian in the area, but nobody claimed responsibility for the bizarre procedure.

Roscue was taken to his own veterinarian for an exam, and laser therapy to aid in healing. The veterinarians are baffled by what was done to the senior dog as well - they could find no reason that he should have been operated on.

Fortunately, despite the bizarre ordeal, Roscoe is expected to make a full recovery - and his family has vowed to not let him wander out of their sight again.

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