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Falun Gong: China Internet outage not likely tied to group

Falun Gong member-founded company website received millions of visits when Internet traffic was redirected. The "Great Firewall" of China sent a huge amount of requests to the homepage of Dynamic Internet Technology (DIT), a company which technology for Chinese citizens to circumvent censorship. According to CBS News on Jan. 22, DIT's founder, Bill Xia, is a member of the spiritual group as well

It is unclear whether the situation was the work of savvy hackers or the result of some kind of glitch in the Great Firewall.

Falun Gong was credited for previous hacking attacks but it is not certain that they had anything to do with this incident. Chinese officials say that the situation is under investigation. Sources inside the government say that hacking was not involved.

They said the incident may have been the result of an engineering mistake made while making changes to the Great Firewall.

Falun Gong means "dharma wheel practice." The now-banned spiritual group was first introduced to China in 1992. The founder has lived in the U.S. since 1996. They were viewed as a threat to the Communist Party due to their size and outlawed in 1999. The group has been the victim of hacking attacks against their own websites located around the world.

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