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False front used to get money for Obama's illegal aliens

Illegal aliens flood into the country from Central America.
Illegal aliens flood into the country from Central America.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

During the decades that crime gangs and syndicates ran roughshod over the rule of law across the country, it was common for these criminal organizations and crime families to operate respectable businesses as a front to cover for their crimes. Many of these operations had ties to the Mafia, but their "respectable businesses" made it much more difficult for law enforcement to expose Mafia activity, until the FBI came along and used professionally trained investigators to uncover the illegal activity that was going on behind the scenes.

With the Obama administration, however, this sordid tactic has raised its ugly head with a vengeance. For example, at the outset of Obama's campaign for president in 2007 an organization called ACORN was laying the groundwork on the local level to get Obama elected. That goal was never identified as the primary motivating factor for ACORN. The organization's true goal was to campaign for Obama and to get people not only to sign up to vote but to overtly encourage them to vote for Obama. A major scandal ensued and ACORN went down in flames. But the same tactic has reared its ugly head yet again, this time with regard to Obama's frantic effort to get as many illegal aliens into the country as possible.

A false front operation is being used to raise multimillions of dollars that are then funneled into the coffers of federal government agencies. These agencies then take the donations in order to advance the Obama agenda at the southern border, which is to totally ignore our immigration laws and essentially implement an "open borders" policy. All of this, of course, is illegal.

So, what is this new equivalent to ACORN that is allegedly aiding and abetting the commission of felonies with regard to immigration? Meet the so-called "Baptist Child and Family Services" (BCFS) which is located in Texas. Although these are but allegations yet to be proved thus far, there are several major problems with this organization. The name overtly claims that the operation is Baptist, although there is nothing Baptist about it. The use of the term "Baptist" also overtly claims a direct connection to a church or a church group although there is no such connection. In Texas, for example, the state Baptist convention, the Baptist General Convention of Texas, has nothing to do with BCFS. It is not an agency of the General Convention, nor does the General Convention encourage its members to donate gifts to BCFS. And further, BCFS is not listed in the General Convention's budget as a recipient of expenditures.

To be sure the Baptist General Convention of Texas is engaged in ministry to displaced children who wound up here unaccompanied. This does not mean the General Convention supports the Obama agenda but only that it is following Christ's directive to voluntarily help those in need.

The largest Baptist denomination in America, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), of which the General Convention of Texas is a part, also has nothing to do whatsoever with BCFS. Baptists who belong to local churches that are affiliated with the SBC can see for themselves the Convention's expenditures anytime they want. Transparency has long been a hallmark of the SBC's activities. And BCFS receives no funding whatsoever from the SBC, not one red nickel.

Granted, the SBC and the Baptist General Convention of Texas are not the only Baptist groups in America. There are at least 50 different types of Baptists in America, most of which are quite small. And then there are thousands of independent Baptist churches that are not affiliated with any Baptist denomination. But even then, the BCFS is nowhere to be found in the records as a recipient of donations from Baptist churches of any stripe. The group's own website lists no church at all as a part of its affiliate organizations. But the affiliate page does list at least a dozen government entities that it works with. Further, this investigator provides an expose of the money trail of BCFS.

Thus, where does the designation "Baptist" come from in the group's name? That, so far, is a mystery. But what we do know is that having an organization allegedly working with the Obama administration to break our immigration laws in the name of "Baptists" is no doubt designed to give the Obama agenda at the southern border some much needed respectability. Apparently the entire sham is but a ploy, a plot to do dirty work under the table undetected due to the false front represented by Baptist Child and Family Services.

And once again, the Obama machine has been exposed as a complete sham through and through, complete with false fronts that provide cover for its dirty work. The Mafia could not have done any better.

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