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Fallen Leaves: 30 things you can do with beautiful autumn leaves

You can use leaves for more than just mulch and compost
You can use leaves for more than just mulch and compost
Joanne Taylor

It’s either a love or hate relationship with leaves; but you can make friends with them by using them. Collecting beautiful leaves to iron between two pieces of wax paper for placemats is always a blast, but now; there’s so much more you can do with colorful autumn leaves, besides making mulch or making compost.

Bring the outdoors indoors
Joanne Taylor

Most gardeners know that leaves are a garden’s best friend in the winter, because leaves are nature’s way of making mulch, and it’s free; but you can use leaves to make everything from Christmas decorations to designer candles to leaf masks.

Here in the Philadelphia and Northeast Regions, it’s time to collect the fall foliage at its peak color that is falling to the ground. From Martha Stewart Studios and gardeners and crafters everywhere, check out all the things you can do with that beautiful fall foliage in your backyard.

Make leaf pictures

Make leaf wreaths

Make leaf potpourri

Make leaf pillows

Make a leaf print table cloth

Make a placemat with leaves

Stuff a scarecrow with leaves

Painting leaf Project with Kids

Leaf educational projects

Make a leaf decoupage

Make a leaf alphabet

Make leaf covered candles

Make a leaf stencil

Make a leaf print t-shirt

Make a leaf mobile

Make a leaf mask

Make a leaf print tote or bag

Painting on leaves

Drying and Pressing leaves

Drying leaves

Decorating with leaves

Making swags with leaves

Make leaf ornaments

Make gold leaves

Family crafts with leaves

Making mulch from leaves

Making compost from leaves

You can also add apple or maple leaves to the bb for extra flavor, add one to a greeting card, and even string them on the Christmas tree with cranberries for garland. Leave a comment if you have an idea for decorating with leaves.

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