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Fact checking Herman Cain Show caller's claims about NAACP leadership

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Nationally syndicated talk show host Herman Cain, during his Jul. 22 program, fielded a call from a listener named "Anwar" who made the contention the NAACP's leadership was comprised, by and large, of white Jews up until the 1960s. Cain challenged the caller to produce evidence of this, saying that he "deals in facts."

Interestingly, "Anwar" was actually partially correct in his claims. Here are three interesting facts to both refute and support the caller's statement.

FACT: The first four Chairpersons of the NAACP were, in fact, white. More surprising is the last of those was a woman, Mary White Ovington, who served from 1919-1934. The organization was, indeed, founded on progressive principles still considered highly liberal by modern standards.

FACT: Their was a Chairperson of the NAACP who was, indeed, of Jewish descent. Joel Elias Springarn, who served the NAACP's head from 1914-1919, was born to a Jewish family.

FACT: The longest-tenured leader of the NAACP appears to be its first African-American descent. Louis T. Wright was Chairperson of the organization from 1934 through 1953.

Conspiracy theories involving Jewish control of major organizations abound, and are among the most widely viewed search terms on the internet. The Google search term "Jewish Conspiracy Theories" resulted in "about 1,300,000 results" in less than a half second, according to Google. In a recent public relations gaffe by the NAACP following racist remarks by soon-to-be-former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, the group was reported to have returned a sizable donation to Sterling and rescind an award scheduled to be given to him for said donation.

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