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Facebook: Post discouraging hateful rhetoric violates community standards

Facebook says post encouraging users to abide by community standards violates community standards.
Facebook says post encouraging users to abide by community standards violates community standards.
Karen Bleier/Getty Images

There are times when it seems the moderators at Facebook live in the Twilight Zone. On Wednesday, administrators of the anti-Islam page "Islam Exposed" discovered that a post asking visitors to refrain from using hateful language was pulled. The reason, Facebook said, is the post allegedly violates their community standards. Moreover, the administrator who posted the message received a 30-day ban, was told in an exclusive interview.

"This is not a Muslim hate page, as stated in our mission here. We hate the ideology of Islam and the brutality it perpetrates and condones," the post read. Administrators also asked that visitors not use derogatory or threatening language, saying it does not help their mission to educate visitors.

"These types of posts and terms only detract from our ability to effectively raise awareness and attract those who are wavering on both sides of the fence and are seeking the truth," administrators said.

They even suggested those who felt they could not refrain from using such language should not post, but rather "observe and learn."

"However, until that time, we will reserve the right to remove the comments and posts of those who don't comply. We ask for your understanding and cooperation," the post said.

Facebook, however, said this message violated their standards, but did not explain why.

In short, the social media giant said a post encouraging visitors to abide by Facebook's standards violates their standards.

Administrators agreed the social media site is targeting their page for being critical of Islam. Last Wednesday, we reported the site was briefly unpublished after administrators received death threats. Facebook relented, saying the page was pulled in error. Since then, administrators have been harassed with mysterious reports of non-existent messages and comments being yanked. Facebook, however, did not say what had been pulled.

Page administrators also said they believe Facebook has targeted them because of their stand on Islam. Worse yet, they say the social media site is not even bothering to check the reports against them, some of which they say are being fabricated.

"We believe that Facebook is no longer a viable platform to disseminate news and information," they said. "It has systematically bullied and harassed us into silence and is controlling the information and the narrative that is conveyed to the general public. Unfortunately, it is that same public which lacks the appropriate knowledge and information to formulate new opinions and ideas and has the most to gain from pages such as ours but that loses the most."

Facebook did not respond to our request for comments.

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