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Facebook hashtags rolling out soon

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Facebook hashtags are rolling out soon. According to many they are not working yet. In a CNN report on June 13, 2013, hashtags are only available for a few.

"Support for the all-but-ubiquitous topic organization system was rumored in March and will roll out to a small percentage of users Wednesday. Facebook will roll out hashtags to more users in the coming weeks."

It is hoped that Facebook hashtags will make content easier to find by users. They will work similarly to how hashtags operate on other top social networks like Twitter or Instagram. If you tag a post with #icecream, it should be easier for people to find your content related to ice cream when they search. Supposedly hashtags from competing social networks will be clickable on Facebook.

In order for Facebook hashtags to be relevant, they will need to be rolled out to a majority of active users. Currently, searching for a specific hashtag on Twitter does work and helps in grouping content especially in the case of a trending topic with real-time updates.

Indeed hashtags can be both overused and abused. There is nothing worse than a post that has more hashtags than anything else. I don't think that helps machines or people better understand what the message is about. Chris Messina is credited for using the hashtag "#barcamp" on Twitter first.

What do you think about the Facebook hashtags story? Do they work for you yet? Please drop in your comments below.

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