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Facebook "disappears" pro-gun user accounts

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Not sure yet if this files in the RED ALERT category, but it's already awfully close.

It seems as though prominent Facebook users are having their accounts suspended or deactivated, for posting "pro-gun" or "anti-gun control" content. has assembled a list of just a few that have confirmed their accounts have been deactivated, including director Michael Murphy Tmp and writer Kurt Nimmo. Talk show host Adam Kokesh has confirmed that he is locked out via his Twitter feed.

This is extremely concerning on a number of levels.

For one, open censorship absolutely cannot be tolerated in a supposedly "free" society. In addition, it likely highlights the ability of an individual with a grudge to disable your social life because of an obvious shortcoming of the Facebook platform itself (self-moderation with little to no oversight). And lastly, I can point to hundreds of other "issues" promoted by their respective "pages" that come in well above a picture of a gun or a Gandhi quote on the "abusive" meter, but they operate with seeming impunity (thankfully, but why single out guns?).

If the early reports are confirmed, then the only answer is a mass exodus from Facebook. Think I can get my grandma to switch to Google+?

UPDATE: 27-DEC-12, 6:05PM MST
Alex Jones has confirmed via his Twitter feed that his Facebook account has also been suspended. In addition, Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change has as well. Seems like the best place to tune in for real time updates of others being added to the list is Twitter or Infowars.

UPDATE: 27-DEC-12, 10:39PM MST
So, because everything on FB is self-reporting with little to no oversight, I believe that yes, Facebook is allowing accounts to be shut down. But doing so in response to the "Report Abuse" function. Whether by a coordinated effort, or just an influx of trolls on the issue, I believe this may just be a product of a faulty platform being abused to stifle differing opinions.

UPDATE: 28-DEC-12, 6:04PM MST
Some banished users have reported regaining their accounts upon appeal, but others have not. Alex Jones has regained access, but Adam Kokesh is currently still under restriction according to his Twitter feed, though users can now see that his page exists.