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FAA environmental impact report on SpaceX Texas space port delayed until April

SpaceX Falcon 9 in flight
SpaceX Falcon 9 in flight

A February 28, 2014 story in the Brownsville Herald reports that the release of a final FAA report describing the possible environmental impact of a space port located in South Texas has been delayed again, at least until April, 2014.

Upon the report rests the hope that SpaceX, a commercial launch company, will build a space port near Brownsville, Texas. It would launch its Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets from that facility carry a variety of commercial and government payloads. Texas has been pulling out all the stops to make sure the space port comes to Texas.

“Nearly two years since SpaceX announced that Texas is one of four sites under consideration for a commercial rocket launch pad, officials at the local, county and state level have courted the private commercial company, offering deals to lure it to set up shop on Boca Chica Beach. Texas reportedly has offered $15 million in incentives to lure SpaceX to South Texas.

“Gov. Rick Perry late last year signed House Bill 2623, which would temporarily close Boca Chica Beach for rocket launches in anticipation of SpaceX operations there. The beach closures would only be allowed at specific dates of the year.”

The economic effects of such a space port, with jobs and commercial activity, are thought to be substantial. The final decision of SpaceX awaits the release of the FAA report.