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FAA bans Washington Nationals' spring training photo, video drone

A drone captures a photo of a Washington Nationals spring training workout.
A drone captures a photo of a Washington Nationals spring training workout.
Washington Nationals/Donald Miralle, Instagram

Wherever your opinion on the use of drones lies, you might not have expected one to be used this way.

The Washington Nationals and photographer Donald Miralle employed a small drone to take some sky-high pictures as the team works through spring training, but according to The Associated Press on Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration has put the brakes on the operation for not obtaining the proper permission.

Miralle began using the small unmanned aerial vehicle with four rotors, also known as the "quadcopter," last month in order to capture some photos of the team as well as footage to be used on the scoreboard this season (watch it do its thing here). However, the FAA frowns upon the use of commercial drones and AP notes that the drone stopped flying the day after the team was called out on it.

"No, we didn't get it cleared, but we don't get our pop flies cleared either and those go higher than this thing did," a team official reportedly responded when asked about whether the Nationals sought permission.

It appears as though commercial drones will become a hot topic with the FAA as photographs and businesses continue to express interest in using them, joining countries around the world that already use them. News agencies such as AP are also looking into the technology, not to mention Amazon's plan to begin delivering items by drone in the near future. Regulation pertaining to small drones (aircraft weighing under 55 pounds) is yet to be fully addressed by the agency.