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Eyes on the Apocalypse, ears on 2012's music

Long has it been known that desperate times call for desperate measures and necessity turns possibility into reality. One could only hope that, under a somewhat apocalyptic era, music would spawn some spick-and-span pieces of resistance that might save the world from its ever threatening fate. That on record, what to expect from Brazilian music in 2012?

Mayan End of the World references aside, there is a real issue on the spot. If music were a cab, "where to" would be left responseless. However, Brazilian music is notorious for its capacity of sprouting major talents and revolutions under marginal conditions. Might it be by springing and cultivating young seeds or constant yet successful revivals, Brazil's scene grows stronger by the second.

A firm example of the latter is ensemble supreme Orquestra Imperial. Formed by highly regarded, multi-talented musicians, the big band is working on their new album. From what former efforts have shown, anything short from outstanding is quite improbable.

Besides them, names such as Karina Buhr, Tulipa Ruiz, Fino Coletivo, Céu, Curumim, Apanhador Só, Bixiga 70 and Casuarina - although kind of underdog-ish - are keeping it classy in their own manners. Not to mention the big fish (the likes of Seu Jorge, Jorge Ben, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, etc.), swimming simultaneously along and against the stream, reinventing themselves over and over, eventually achieving unexpected quality and recognition.

Brazil has got grounds to build on. The tools are all there, as well as the inspiration. Reasons to resist, we've got plenty. So let us face the predictions. Bring on the blizzards and plagues. Great music will be created regardless.

Get a helmet and some headphones.


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