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Each day we experience life and attempt to stay present, we learn and grow. For many of us, we gain insight in the aftermath of the incident if we were unable to absorb the gift while interfacing with it. Think about recent activities in the past year, how have these happenings helped you evolve?

Understand where you've been.
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I’ve gained so much from 2013; it was my first year in graduate school for Mental Health Counseling. Besides the new trajectory I’m creating through this venture, this experience is helping me to become more in tune with me, mentally and physically. This realization will help me become a better counselor and person. I am learning to be more curious of my feelings, my physical responses and the origin of these thoughts and actions. For example, I now notice when a situation might cause my heart to speed up or if I’m sensing intolerance to a circumstance or person; I dig deep to understand this instead of ignoring or writing it off to my bad mood.

As a parent, I am discovering, through the evolution of my teenage children, the immensity of my unconditional love. During moments of sorrow, I am learning to release physically while I shift and hold each of them closer spiritually. As they grow I am being taught to appreciate even their faulty decisions because as these paths unfold to each of them, the experiences enable them to eventually overcome and shine even brighter than before. It is easy to be proud of our children when they excel in life, but finding a way to be okay with their faults, and then supporting them in the sidelines as they learn to navigate through even the not so great decisions, without taking over, is both heartbreaking and rewarding. It gifts growth to my teenagers and me.

As a business owner and the partner to a wonderful man, who is also an entrepreneur, I am learning patience and perseverance through this give-and-take cycle that breaths life into such sincere and significant endeavors. Each year I appreciate the steps we’ve endured even more, the trust we’ve built, and our collective strength as we continue to grow and purposefully manifest a brighter future.

And, as for this column, my weekly articles motivate me to continually explore the intrinsic values in both the simplicities and complexities of life. This creative process gifts so much more than a written piece.

I’m hopeful my insights invite you to take time to contemplate your own journey and your evolution.

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