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Excuse Me Chris Christie, You Did Not Know What???

Chris Christie, Bridget Kelly
Chris Christie, Bridget Kelly Images

This whole mess in New Jersey is a perfect example of one of the major patterns I talk about in my book “Don’t Bring It to Work,” THE DENIER.

Right from my book: “Deniers pretend that problems and uncomfortable situations don’t exist. They refuse to heed warnings that might upset the status quo, and keep poor-quality workers on the job, pretending that they are adequate.”

Deniers also “suggest” that others handle problems and then look the other way. While Christie says he had “no Knowledge” of what happened with the vendetta against the mayor of Fort Lee, it is hard to believe that when traffic came to a dead stop way back in September, he did not quickly become a detective and follow the route to the place where the toxic situation began.

Yes, he said he takes full responsibility. He went the way of the Queen in “Alice in Wonderland” and did an “off with her head” and fired Bridget Ann Kelly. (A key person on his leadership team.)

How he could not have known about this is more upsetting than the fact that emails blew around and were so blatant about setting up this debacle.

Who wants a leader who is blind to basic situations of relationship behavior and ethics?

Christie is a perfect example, if in fact he really did not know the truth, of someone whose fear of facing unpleasant emotions is so great that there is collusion for everyone close to him to ignore the truth at any cost.

Remember the story of the Emperor without Any Clothes? Thank goodness someone found the emails and finally said “BUT THE EMPEROR IS NAKED!

Would you want Christie as your leader????

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