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Exclusive: School board official has harsh response to word 'God' (video)

During a school board meeting in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a newly released video reveals that one school board member has little patience for taxpayers who objected to a recent decision by the school district to acquire property through eminent domain.

Steve Piotrowski running for State Committee in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Facebook [Steve Piotrowski]

Additionally, the school board member, Kevin Pattinson, of the "Board Curriculum Committee," took exception to what he thought was the word "God."

The Examiner spoke exclusively with Steve Piotrowski, co-founder of Citizens for Liberty, a group he describes as the "Tea Party 2.0." Piotrowski does not let grass grow under his feet, as he is also a small business owner and is running for State Committee in Montgomery County, Penn.

Piotrowski has been fighting a recent decision by the Phoenixville Area School District to seize a long-established family business, the Meadowbrook Golf Club, through "eminent domain" over the objections of the owners.

The land has been in the family for 117 years, as reported at the Phoenixville Patch.

In an opinion piece at the Phoenixville Patch in November, Piotrowski explained that the owners of the property, which includes a "historical house on the site" have little recourse.

Piotrowski led a protest at the homes of school board members, asking them "how would they feel if we gave them a 30 day notice to vacate" their homes. He told the Examiner that the school board member's neighbors were "surprisingly" supportive.

The school district plans to use the property for a "combined early learning center and elementary school," which will cost taxpayers $65 million, as reported last week at Phoenixville News.

A newly released video taken by Piotrowski reveals how Phoenixville school board member Kevin Pattinson bizarrely responded when he mistakenly thought someone said "Oh my God" during a school board meeting addressing the matter in December.

Paraphrasing, Piotrowski described the scene, saying that Pattinson took issue with citizens who were protesting the decision to take Meadowbrook Golf Club, while making the inexplicable case that taxpayers "should have came to prior school board meetings when they were actually discussing the idea of eminent domain."

Piotrowski said that "people who are not from the school district we're not allowed to speak their concerns," even if they lived "five minutes" from the school district.

He continued,

They wouldn't even let me speak. I was born in that school district.

As shown on the short video (click to watch), when an unidentified person said "Oh my gosh" during Pattinson's statement, the school board member sharply responded,

Excuse me. Don't bring God into it, He has nothing to do with it.

Piotrowski pointed out that elected school board members "take an oath on the holy Bible."

Piotrowski informed the Examiner that he believes the family who owns the country club "is having a court date set in May to determine the outcome" of what he described as a "land grab."

Speaking of the school board members, Piotrowski said,

"They have to understand that they work for us, not the other way around."

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