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Exclusive: On-set with Laura Bell Bundy for her 'Hart of Dixie' return

If you watched the November 18 2013 episode of The CW's Hart of Dixie you saw the return of a very important character-- with a big secret. If you didn't watch that episode yet, well, maybe stop reading this for fear of spoilers. Because from this point on, the town of Bluebell, Alabama is going to be a little more crowded having to deal with Shelby's (Laura Bell Bundy) graceful return-- and she's taking up room for two.

Laura Bell Bundy returns to 'Hart of Dixie'
(c) The CW, 2013

"It might be something that [Brick and Shelby] can work through. There's a lot of love and affection between the two of them regardless, and they really are kind to one another...I think Brick is kind of enamored by her energy and enamored by just the energy of who Shelby is. She's a tornado and a total whirlwind...There's something about Shelby that's just sort of fearless because she could be shunned in this situation because people know all about her, but she just bowls right through and just does whatever she's going to do," Bundy said when we were on set.

"Shelby's heart was broken. Brick basically dumped her, and I think for good reason because she sort of just left him when he was in the hospital because she got scared. That's going to be a big lesson for her throughout this season-- maturing and not being as selfish. I think she wants to change that, and she wants to show him that she's changed. So I think that's where she's headed, although she is quite the force to be reckoned with, and she's always doing something crazy!"

But not only Shelby pregnant and coming back to town for the first time since Brick (Tim Matheson) broke off their engagement, she also purchased Fancy's-- the restaurant the other Breeland in town had her eye on. Neither will have such an easy time coming to terms with the changes, but if we had to guess, we'd say Brick has a better time reuniting with a former love than Lemon (Jaime King) with a former almost-stepmother who happens to be turning her dream restaurant into a karaoke bar.

"Shelby has been away. She's had some big changes take place, and she's come in and taken over Fancy's, which is the restaurant there and turning it into a cabaret. So that's going to be fun," Bundy said.

"You think about all of the people who can sing and dance that are in Bluebelle: we have AnnaBeth and George and maybe Wade, Brick and Dash DeWitt, we could put almost everybody in this town in the cabaret! Either way it feels like it would have a real nice sort of Waiting for Guffman sort of feel... This group is a really talented singers and dancers, so I hope they take full advantage of it. I kind of squealed when I heard."

Bundy's first real episode back is a very special Harvest Festival episode during which the town of Bluebell celebrates Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and a visit from Bundy's label-mate Danielle Bradbury (as herself) singing her aptly-titled new single "Heart of Dixie." Bundy was thrilled to have been able to work it out scheduling wise to return to the show that she affectionately calls "Mayberry in color meets Doc Hollywood with a girl" on which she has a chance to tap into a very special and oddly personal (and dare we say maybe a little therapeutic!?) character for her.

"I love playing Shelby. It's such a fun character. I'm doing an impersonation of my mother," Bundy shared.

"I am playing Lorna Bell Bundy Jones as Shelby...My mom is a lot of energy; she's like Dolly Parton meets Donald Trump...She's a big shopper just like Shelby, and she loves clothes and stuff like that."

LA TV Insider Examiner was exclusively on-set with Bundy for her major return episode. Be sure to check out our full video interview with her for more scoop.

Hart of Dixie airs on The CW on Monday nights at 8 p.m.

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