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Exclusive: IRS delays tax exempt application for black conservative group

Derrick Wilburn, founder of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, filed for 501(c)(3) status in October of 2012. On Wednesday, he finally received a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
Facebook [Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives]
Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
Facebook [Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives]

Wilburn did not become politically engaged until he observed that "legislation [was] getting passed against the will of the people." He told the Examiner that he realized that he "needed to 'be the somebody'" and founded the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives. "Like so many other Americans," he said, "I felt the need to get involved & do more than just vote..."

Before he opened the anticipated letter, Wilburn took a picture of it and wrote a message on Facebook saying in part, "I could be about to have an absolutely fantastic day (from this point forward), or...possibly not so much." It turns out that the letter from the Cincinnati office was a request for more information.

Wilburn, who is also the founder of the website "black and conservative" had to wait for nineteen months to get the request for more information, despite the fact that the IRS website indicates that such requests are sent "within approximately 90 days of the date you received your acknowledgement of receipt."

It is pure speculation as to why Wilburn's application has taken such an unusually long time to process, as the IRS indicates that the "average date of pending applications is August 2013."

Wilburn said,

"The IRS clearly is in no hurry to approve applications from conservative groups," he told the Examiner, "let alone 'black conservative' ones...We are a threat to the liberal stronghold over minority voters."

As reported Wednesday at Tavern Keepers, a service that assists organizations specifically with getting 501(c)(3) status indicates that “the typical range” for obtaining tax exempt status is 3-11 months. In most cases, however, they reveal that tax exempt status is received in "around four months or so…"

Derrick Wilburn is also a "sought after presenter and accomplished motivational speaker." Learn more about Wilburn and his group at his website and find the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives on Facebook, which has close to 45,000 "likes" at the time of this writing.