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Exclusive interviews with Joe Jonas, Kate Bosworth, Uzo Aduba at Guess bash

Today, on Feb. 15 is excited to share our exclusive interviews with some of the celebrity attendees at Guess' New York Fashion Week debut. The fashion house celebrated their Fall 2014 Road to Nashville collection, which is a line that pays homage to the brands iconic Americana legacy at Center548. The evening featured a live presentation of the new collection complimented by music by Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor as well as a special performance by Cold War Kids.

GUESS Celebrates New York Fashion Week: On the Road to Nashville at Center 548
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Notables in attendance included Jared Leto, Kate Bosworth, Anna Kendrick, Jamie Chung, Joe Jonas, Adrienne Bailon, Aurelie Claudel, Courtney Kerr, Elena Foley, Gia Genevieve, Gigi Hadid, Holland Roden, Julie Henderson, Kira Dikhtyar, Lenay Dunn, Louisa Krause, Melissa Bolona, Michael Polish, Nicole Trunfio, Peyton List, Ryan Star, Sharleen Ernster Lazear, Stephanie Scott, Teresa Moore, Tessa Thompson, Tiesto, and Uzo Aduba to name a few.

Kate Bosworth

Q: What do you love about the Guess brand?

Bosworth: It's iconic. I remember their black and white ad's in my youth and that idea...that kind of classic-American denim that I wore as a kid and I wore as a teenager and even now. I mean, it's carried me through for a lot of years.

Q: You have a film coming out called "Somnia," can you tell us about it?

Bosworth: Yeah, it's a thriller, but it has a surreal, magical element to it that I really responded to in the script. I think the director's going to make something quite special.

Q: What do you like to wear personally?

Bosworth: I really love the masculine minimal approach that's happening right now because there's so much of that in my own style that I enjoy it.

Q: What are you just not into?

Bosworth: Big platform shoes aren't really my thing.

Joe Jonas

Q: So how's your Fashion Week been? You've been everywhere!

Jonas: It's been very good!

Q: Tell me about your personal style.

Jonas: Well, it's something I like to wear on stage, but is comfortable as well to wear through the day. In New York it's something warm, typically. I think something that usually has a pop of color or maybe a little bit dangerous than the norm.

Q: Are you working on music right now?

Jonas: I'm working on my solo project right now. It's exciting, I haven't really been able to have a lot of time in my career to do something like that. I want to do it right and I want to do it where I'm proud of every track, beginning and end.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your songwriting process.

Jonas: I like to go with the flow with a songwriter...I was just up with my buddy in his upstate cabin and we did some song writing and he may write differently than I may write, so we just got in the studio and I kind of watched how the vibe was going and I usually stick to melody and vocal and lyrics, so...he played me a bunch of songs he was working on and whatever one that stuck out to me I just went "that's the one I want to work on" and we tried to just kind of create with what we had.

Q: Who were you writing with?

Jonas: Albert Hammond Jr. from The Strokes, so I went up with him and we wrote some songs together.

Uzo Aduba

Q: Tell me about playing "Crazy Eyes" and what attracted you to the character?

Aduba: Well, I originally auditioned for another role and when I got the call that they would like to have me as Crazy Eyes, I fell in love with her after reading this line in the first script, that said that she's innocent like a child and some children are scary. And I was very attracted to this idea after reading that line like, 'Oh! We're talking about someone who's grossly misunderstood,' from her eyes. She says that line, 'Why does everybody call me Crazy Eyes?' She doesn't know what's so off about her. To her she's a loving--and she is--a loving, caring, person who's just looking for love. And that idea of...trying to prove people wrong or trying to push her perspective forward...that was attractive to me.

Q: The show has been a massive success. I'm sure people have been coming up to you and asking for photos, what has that experience been like?

Aduba: It's so different. How can I even express it? I went from...just minding my own business in the store, to people asking me to stop and take pictures or running the New York Marathon this year and people saying, 'Go Crazy Eyes!' I can't put it into words really. I'm just truly grateful that people are enjoying it.

Q: Besides Season 2, which everyone's obviously excited about, is there anything else you'd like to share?

Aduba: I'm putting together a short film that I wrote that I'll be making over the break. Trying, then, after that, if I can fit in some time, I might be doing a play. That's pretty much what I'm doing, trying to get done.

Vanessa Marano

Q: Tell me a little bit about your outfit today!

Marano: My outfit today is one that I've been trying to wear for a very long time. We had this idea of blazer, black jeans, and we were waiting for the right event to do it and we were very excited about the Guess party cause we were like BAM!, we're doing it! Not so excited about the fact it's freezing outside! That was a poor choice! And really ironic.

Q: Tell me, how is your Fashion Week been going?

Marano: Good, good! I just got here on Sunday, so it's only my second day, but it's my first Fashion Week, so I really don't have anything else to compare it to, so right now it's awesome!

Q: What other shows have you checked out?

Marano: The Katya Leonovich show and I went to the Elie Tahari presentation.

Q: Tell me about your personal style.

Marano: My personal style is very much like this. I love the color black and anything that you can kind of do with dark and classic situations with a little bit of edge, but not too edgy - just a little bit.

Q: What's coming up that you'd like to share?

Marano: Well, "Switched at Birth," the show I'm on, is currently airing on ABC Family and we'll be returning in the Summer as well, so everyone should look out for that, Mondays at 8.

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