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Exclusive interview: Sonja Morgan of 'RHONY' talks interns, drama and more

Fans of "The Real Housewives of New York" are loving the new season. On Monday, Examiner got the opportunity to talk to Sonja Morgan about the show via email and find out her thoughts on her interns, drama, and even her newest project. This season has already aired five episodes, but the drama is just starting to heat up.

Sonja Morgan
Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz

Sonja went to her blog this week to share a very special video with them. During episode four, viewers got to see a little bit of her Carburlesque skit but on her blog you get the chance to see the entire thing. This is an amazing eight minute video that shows all of Sonja's performance. If you loved the short clip on "RHONY," then you will really enjoy the chance to watch all of her dance.

Check out what Sonya had to say below:

How much fun was it to learn the dance that aired during your recent episode of "RHONY"?

Well the thing about my singsong skits like Caburlesque is that, I enjoy the writing the most because when you get down to it I really love to entertain and like to play the part of comedian. I'm the first one to put the lampshade on my head at a party. If I can make somebody else feel good for a little while I'm happy. I'm a wounded healer, in a sense, having gone through my own ups and downs.

Are you really as close with your interns as it looks like?

Yes because that's the deal. The interns are working side-by-side with me because they are here to learn and I get an extra set of hands to help me out while they observe. They are so quick on the computers! I find it so helpful when I need to download something. I have to say I'm getting pretty good myself with the social media. I even received a state Senate award for my entrepreneurial use of social media to develop my lifestyle brand. My interns and I get pretty close working side-by-side and we have dinner together every night at six pm to talk about how the day went down. We I invite other people from Team Sonja that we film with so we can all reciprocate and grow together. It's rather gratifying.

What did you think of the woman's rude reactions when you took off your jacket?

I don't think much of her comments. I've seen it many times in my life since I was a young girl It's usually a sign of jealousy and someone who is looking for attention. They usually come out in the wash. My team is comprised of people who want to help other people and grow together. We inspire each other to be the best possible so we can be ourselves in our unique ways and embrace our differences. That's why New York is known as the city of tolerance.

Everyone has been anticipating your toaster oven and love your recipes whatever happened?

When I met with the department store they let me know that you can't put Sonja Morgan in a Toaster oven box they want a much more extensive international lifestyle brand. I have nailed down a very concise brand ID and seven beautiful logos. Now at my showroom in the garment district I am meeting with different investors to take it global. That is the goal at this point.

Can you give us any teases about what will go down tomorrow?

Sneak peek at episode 606. All I can say about episode six is we see Heather disinviting as she did with Ramona to London and we see Ramona up to her old tricks by stirring the pot and somebody is on to her in this episode! Singer the Stinger. I blow gasket in episode 7! Tune in to MDLNY episode 6 for my cameo. I give Luis Ortiz an 18 million dollar listing!!

Episode six of this season will air on April 15 on Bravo. You can check out the preview on Bravo and find out what to expect this week. This clip shows that Aviva and Heather will get into it. Heather doesn't like the things that Aviva says about anyone including Sonja. These two get into a pretty big fight and you know that it won't end there. Heather says that there is no substance at all in a conversation with Aviva because you just go around and around with her.

Don't miss the new episodes of "RHONY" on Tuesday nights on Bravo. It airs each week at 8 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area. You can also check out Sonya on social networks to keep up with her. Find her on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.

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