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Ex-Marine obsessed with ‘daddy-daughter sex’, gets 2 life sentences in prison

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Jonathan Adleta, 26, a former Marine from Glenpool, Okla., who once served in Afghanistan, was sentenced to two life sentences in prison this week “for sexually abusing his son and daughter, as well as a girlfriend's daughter, all aged between 1 and 4 years of age.” Adleta’s ex-wife, Sarah, had previously been sentenced to 54 years behind bars for her participation in the sexual abuse of the couple’s children.

The Daily News reported on Jan. 9, that attorneys on both sides of the case thought that the perverted father was only going to be sentenced to a grand total of five years in prison, until the judge threw the proverbial book at Jonathan Adleta in an Orlando, Fla. federal courtroom.

Jonathan Adleta was convicted on charges of “conspiring to transport and transporting a minor in interstate commerce with intent to engage in sexual activity,” according to the FBI.

In handing down his sentence, Judge Roy B. Dalton Jr. cited Adleta’s "destruction and scarring of his own children."

"This defendant is guilty of the sexual exploitation of his own children," Dalton said, adding that he feared Adleta would offend again if ever released.

Reportedly, the former Marine was obsessed with the notion of "daddy-daughter sex."

Before the couple was even married, Adleta entered into an unholy pact with his future wife to sexually abuse their children.

He made his ex-wife, Sarah Adleta, 29, promise they would sexually abuse their children before any were born — if she wanted to marry him.

Sarah Adleta said she was willing to do anything to be with him and let him carry out that sickening fantasy …

The couple only remained married from 2010 – 2011, but continued to molest their children after they divorced.

After he and Sarah divorced, Atleda somehow “convinced a new girlfriend, Samantha Bryant, to let him molest her daughter as well.”

Taking things even further by 2012, Atleda also convinced both his girlfriend and his ex-wife to videotape the instances of child sexual abuse – videos which Atleda distributed.

In 2013, Samantha Bryant pleaded guilty to the child sexual abuse and child pornography charges brought against her. She is currently serving a 45 year prison sentence.

At his sentencing hearing this week in Orlando, Adleta's attorney asked the judge for leniency considering his client’s tour in Afghanistan. Judge Dalton dismissed the leniency request, saying that Atleda was a "dishonor to the Marine Corps."

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